Online trainings: TEEXMA LIMS & Materials



The topics of the online trainings

Manage Testing and Laboratory Workflows with TEEXMA LIMS

In the past 28 years, BASSETTI has been committed to building a systematic R&D and testing system for R&D departments and laboratories of technology-based enterprises. From these experiences, we summarized the practical methods of laboratory management in many outstanding companies. In these online trainings, we will share how to put these methodologies in practice with digital solutions. 

  1. How to efficiently manage the testing workflow

  2. How to quickly retrieve data from all test data.

  3. How to ensure the convenience and accuracy of testing results input.

  4. How to systematically conduct testing, scheduling and testing resource management.

  5. How to implement CNAS system requirements into workflow

How To Leverage Your Material Expertise With a Digital Database for R&D with TEEXMA Material Database

Creating a convenient and well-structured Material Database will add great vaiue to those who work in material laboratories and test departments. It will Ensure Traceability and Optimize the Reuse of Data, as well as make significant improvements to cross-depertamental collaboration. 

BASSETTI will share the following topics during an upcoming online training. 

  1. How to structure your material Data in a customized way for better traceability and efficiency.

  2. How to determine which materials to choose based on certain design constraints of a product.

  3. How to draw deep knowledge from past tests and create internal expertise.

  4. How to associate material testing with related product testing and quickly trace and retrieve.

  5. How to exchange and manage the data between the materials department , R&D department, laboratory, design department, quality department, and suppliers.

  6.  How to leverage TEEXMA Material database to optimize the management of material database.

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