TEEXMA / TEEXMA Material Database

TEEXMA® Material Database

Compared to other traditional materials software, TEEXMA® Material Database can connect all the users between your various department. Basically the main advantages that the users can get are:

  • Structure and Capitalize all material information

  • Optimize the usage of all the data related to the calculations and simulations

  • Create the information flow and enhance the coordination among different departments



Common Challenges in Material Database Management

  • Data in different repositories

  • Sharing knowledge of information

  • Time consuming in searching data

  • Many “non-certified” data

  • High cost for material characterization and products development 

TEEXMA® Solution for Material Database


Customer Testimonies

"TEEXMA® answers to all our objectives, and we are also very satisfied with the support brought all along the project. Throughout these 8 years we haven't known any major or blocking problems, which well demonstrates the reliability of the tool."


"We greatly appreciated the internal intelligence and obvious expertise of BASSETTI and even after the completion of the project they are still answering to all of our needs and going well beyong expectations." 


"BASSETTI allowed us to precise some content within the standard procedures. On a human point of view, the collaboration went well."