Technical Expertise Management®

BASSETTI offers a customizable modular software platform known as TEEXMA®This solution helps technical companies to structure and optimize their information flow and enhance communications within and between R&D, Design, Quality, and Production departments.

All of the function modules are ready to use. They can be customized and built up to different application such as LIMS, MMS, QMS, etc. At the same time, the module configurations is flexible and can be cuztomized according to the specific needs and the unique workflow



TEEXMA® Advantages

With more than 20 years of experience in technical industry, TEEXMA® is customizable, evolving, secured, integrated, clear, and user-friendly. 




TEEXMA® Project Methodology

BASSETTI GROUP has a local project implementation team in China. Once the software project has been kicked off, local implementation team will arrive on-site ASAP to start the project study.
Moreover, with a configurable administrator module and some special developments by the local project team, BASSETTI will efficiently complete the software implementation and installation.
Before every project closing, BASSETTI always conduct some detailed trainings to ensure that the users and administrators have the ability of using and configuring the TEEXMA
® software. 



Study                              Configurate                       Implement

               On-site study                Configure the existing modules        Installation of TEEXMA
      Understood and finalize            Specific development                   Admin&user training 
              needs                                Validation and Update               Change management